I’m New

Harwood Methodist Church

Bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Harwood

When you first arrive

When you arrive at church there will be greeters in the foyer who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Feel free to sit wherever you feel most comfortable in the worship area.



If children come with you, they will probably enjoy the Sunday School more than staying with you in the main service. The Sunday school meet in other parts of the church building also at 10am. Children go straight into Sunday School. A greeter will be pleased to introduce you to the Sunday school staff.


If you have a young child with you and they start to make some noise, please don’t worry about it. If you feel they would be happier to have some time out of the main worship area, please feel free to go into the café area, at the side of the worship area, where the sound and screen display from the worship area is relayed to.


Types of service

Once a month (usually the first Sunday) the service is “all-age” when the whole church family meet in the worship area.


Also once a month (usually the third Sunday) we have Holy Communion as part of our morning service. Everyone is very welcome to receive Holy Communion at our church, including children of all ages. On these Sundays generally the children meet in Sunday school first, then join the rest of us in the worship area as the communion part of the service starts.


Our services are led by our Minister, one of our local preachers or another minister.


Our services generally start with around three worship songs or hymns led from the front by musicians and singers, followed by prayers, readings and a sermon. We often have other hymns or songs part way through and at the end of the service, but this varies from week to week.


The pattern of all-age and Holy Communion services can be different around Easter and Christmas. And we have special services at those times – check our weekly notices for details.


All the words to songs, hymns and any other words you need will be displayed on the screen.


After the service

After the service, tea and coffee are served from the servery in the foyer, please feel free to sit in the café area after collecting your drink.


Please take a printed copy of our notices. The printed notices tell you how to get on the mailing list for an electronic version, should you so wish.


We do hope you enjoy worshipping with us.